Rosebud’s Nursery (Under $500!)

I have to admit- I love Pinterest. It used to be a source of discontentment for me, but I’ve learned to admire and move on instead of desiring every single thing I pin. 🙂 When it came to Rosebud’s room, I knew I really wanted to do something special. But we rent a two bedroom apartment, and we aren’t exactly wealthy. 😉 SO! We had to get creative with how we decorated and thanks to help from a wonderful family (and some Pinterest inspiration) we were able to put together a cute little room for our baby girl!


I tend to have a very, erhm, eclectic style. People would ask “What are your colors for the nursery?” and I would say, “Pink, yellow, white, and grey… and chevron print and elephants.” “Ohhh…” It made sense to me! We even ended up with some browns in there too with the crib and dresser. It all ended up working pretty well together, especially for our budget!

1. The crib a1crib

We found this natural wood crib/changing table combo on Craigslist for $60! We actually bought it super early, like in September. But I was getting anxious to get going on the nursery, and buying it and putting it up made me feel like we were really getting ready for a baby. 🙂 The only minor problem was that the standard changing pad did not fit in this table. In October we found a changing pad for $3 at a garage sale, cut it down to size, and voila! I opted out of using a changing pad cover because 1.) like I said, it wasn’t standard size, and 2.) I wanted it to be easy to clean off in case of accidents- of which we’ve had plenty. 🙂


2. The bedding

Our yellow, grey and white chevron print bedding came from Target. I wanted something gender-neutral. If Rosebud turned out to be a boy I was going to paint the walls grey and go with it. 😉 It turned out to be the most expensive item in our nursery at $200. We received it as a shower gift and we are soooo thankful! I almost just bought a crib sheet and some neutral bumper pads, but I’m glad we decided to go with the bedding set. It makes the room very cutesy. 🙂

3. Paint

The same day we bought the crib we painted the bedroom. I wish I remembered the name of the color, but ironically it had “Rose” in the title. I wanted a girly color, but I didn’t want pastels. We chose a coral-y, Rosey color and painted the walls in the natural light. We put our brushes down, stepped back and admired- it looked perfect! However, once night fell and we were looking at the room in the yellow overhead light, the walls looked kind of red. Oops. Oh, well! We still love the color and I just open the blinds during the day. 🙂 Overall I think we spent less than $30 on paint (and paint supplies).


4. The rocking chair

Another Craigslist find! I fell in love with this rocking chair from Target from the get-go, but in the end we just couldn’t come to terms with the price tag. So, I started searching for the things I wanted in a chair. I wanted a comfy upholstered rocker, because Iknew I’d be spending lots of time in it over the next few months years. I also wanted it to be white to match our color scheme. I was nervous about buying a white chair for fear of stains, dirt, dust, etc. But when I found this one that had barely been used for only $75, I knew it was the one! It is a swivel-rocker. I actually fell asleep sitting up in it the othernight. Whoops!

5. The shelves


There are two white shelves in Rosebud’s room. One is a tall bookshelf and one hangs on the wall. They are perfect condition and exactly what we wanted. Guess where we got them? The curb! Can you say F-R-E-E? My awesome Aunt is the best at finding stuffat garage sales, second-hand stores, and even on the curb when people put them out as trash. I have no idea why they were just throwing out perfectly good shelves, but I’m glad they did. 🙂 She found them both in her neighborhood and brought them over! The one hanging on the wall was originally red but we gave it a coat of white spray paint and it was good to go!

window6. The Window Valance

This was a project I found here on Pinterest! Cheap foam board + chevron fabric from Hobby Lobby + hot glue + a little bit of painter’s tape and I had myself a cheap window treatment! I probably spent about $5 total on this project.




7. Bow/headband holder


Another Pinterest inspiration, I made this headband holder from an oatmeal can, Modge Podge, and some yellow/white chevron ribbon from Hobby Lobby. I originally planned to put it on a candle stick holder like the original, but I ended up really liking how simple it looked by itself! I throw most of the bows inside the can instead of putting them around it. That way they’re easier to get to and they don’t cover up the cute yellow chevron stripes! I spent less than $5 on this project and ate lots of yummy oatmeal to get it. 🙂 I also had some leftover ribbon and used it to hang up my little diaper sorter on the side of the crib!

8. Other little details

The rest of the little details really helped pull the room together. We found the cute little glass elephant bowl (on the hanging shelf) at TJ Maxx and put it on the shelf with some stuffed elephants. I bought the embroidery hoops (inspiration here!) for .50 cents each at a resale shop (instead of $1-$3 in the craft store) and covered them in fabric I already had laying around. I bought the natural wood dresser at an estate sale of sorts for $50 back before Kip and I got married. Kip and I consolidated to one dresser and used this one for baby clothes! The white toy box was mine when I was little. It is currently filled with fabric and craft supplies, but I promise to clean it out before Rosebud gets big enough to get into it!


9. Last, but not least…


What I know you want to see… the mobile! Isn’t it precious?? Without it my original theme of an elephant nursery really wouldn’t have come together. Where did we get it? Well, I happen to have a fabulous sister who is way more creative than I could ever hope to be. When she told me she wanted to make Rosebud’s mobile for me, I got so excited! I knew she could make us something cute and unique- something baby girl would treasure forever! We decided to hang it above the rocking chair basically because I was paranoid about hanging something from our ceiling over my sleeping baby. At least if it falls now, it will bonk me in the head instead of her.

P.S. Don’t you just love the elephants’ little eyelashes?!


So, my advice for creating a nursery on a budget? Start early, search Craigslist (or the curb ;)), and be patient! It will come together, just maybe not all at once. It was so nice to have everything finished before we delivered, even if creating it was a process over several months. Rosebud’s room was ready for her, just waiting for her to come snuggle and play! We received a TON of help from our families and friends as well, and we want to say thank you to everyone who continues to support us as we learn how to be parents. 🙂 We love you all so much!

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