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The Cloth Diaper Diaries [#2]

Long time, no see! We’re in the middle of moving, so of course things are crazy. But! Here I am to follow up on my post from a couple weeks ago when we started using our new (to us) cloth diapers. I posted right after I put Rosebud to bed in a prefold (yes, like the old-school cloth prefold diapers!) and Thirsties waterproof cover, and fully anticipated a long night of wet diapers, PJ’s, and sheets.


But, much to our surprise…. success!! I couldn’t believe it! No leaks, no wet sheets, nada. She did wake up a couple times throughout the night, but that is normal. 😉

Since then, we’ve changed diapers a LOT. Like, every 1-3 hours. After much practice, we have finally figured out how to put the prefolds and covers on her comfortably. For the first several days I had a hard time keeping them from bunching up. Rose was obviously uncomfortable. Like I said, this is all trial and error!


When I purchased our first lot of dipes, I bought them from two different ladies who were de-stashing and selling their randoms on Craigslist. I was planning to only use prefolds and covers, but somehow I came home with some diapers I had never seen before. Thankfully, I came across THIS incredible post, that went over every different type of diaper you can try, and she wrote reviews on them all. I’m so glad someone has done this, because it was so helpful! After I watched her videos, I realized the diapers I had purchased but didn’t recognize were All-in-Two’s, or hybrid diapers (basically a soft cover with a snap-in insert).  So, I thought we could give those a go!


Turns out, they’re my favorite. Absolute favorite! It also turns out… they’re expensive. Go figure! Somehow I managed to score these babies for not-a-lot-a-dollas.


Since I posted our first night of CD-ing, we’ve also purchased some Sunbaby Pocket Diapers. I decided I wanted to give them a try, due to the aforementioned prefold-crotch-bunching. (I made that term up. You like it?) I honestly wasn’t sure about them (because I wasn’t sure about stuffing/unstuffing them when they were dirty), but they’ve turned out to be GREAT! My second fave, right under the AI2’s. Also, brand new Sunbaby’s are very affordable. We bought ours second hand, of course. 😉


So, bottom line (hehe), I’d say cloth diapering is going well so far! I’m still always on the lookout for good deals, hoping to steadily build a decent stash. It’s not as bad as I thought it might be- cleaning up poo, washing dirty diapers, touching soiled cloth. I actually really enjoy knowing that we’re saving money in the long run and we’re keeping as many chemicals off baby Rosebud as we can.

Any other cloth diapering Mamas out there have any advice? What’s your favorite brand/type of dipe? Let me know in the comments!

Love, H


The Cloth Diaper Diaries [#1]

Tonight, we accidentally started a new adventure: cloth diapers. 


I say accidentally, because I hadn’t intended to start using them quiiiite yet. Last week I purchased some prefolds, covers, a wet bag, and a couple of other types of cloth diapers from 2 different ladies I found on Craigslist, my love in life. I planned to start using them when we moved to our house, where I could wash and line dry them. However, after Rosebud’s bath tonight, I put her on the changing table, reached into the diaper stacker, and… alas, no more disposables.

So, we begin! I only put one prefold in a Medium “Bummis” Brand cover. I’m sure I’ll end up changing her tonight, and maybe her PJ’s and sheets. :/ Here’s to trial and error!

I’ll letcha know how it goes! Anyone use cloth and have any advice for a newbie? 🙂