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The Cloth Diaper Diaries [#1]

Tonight, we accidentally started a new adventure: cloth diapers. 


I say accidentally, because I hadn’t intended to start using them quiiiite yet. Last week I purchased some prefolds, covers, a wet bag, and a couple of other types of cloth diapers from 2 different ladies I found on Craigslist, my love in life. I planned to start using them when we moved to our house, where I could wash and line dry them. However, after Rosebud’s bath tonight, I put her on the changing table, reached into the diaper stacker, and… alas, no more disposables.

So, we begin! I only put one prefold in a Medium “Bummis” Brand cover. I’m sure I’ll end up changing her tonight, and maybe her PJ’s and sheets. :/ Here’s to trial and error!

I’ll letcha know how it goes! Anyone use cloth and have any advice for a newbie? 🙂



Mom-Brain Defined.

Y’all. Someone needs to tell me what day it is. I guess I was just so excited about my Baby-wearing Wednesday post that I decided to post it a day early! Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself. Ha… Ha… Zzzzz…

Someone want to buy me a calendar? 🙂

Thanks for liking it anyway, even if you were all laughing at me wondering what world I live in where Wednesday comes after Monday! 😉


Baby-wearing Wednesday {Fashion}

The word “fashion” makes me snicker. I’m not sure why. Maybe because it seems like such a serious word to some people, but it only ever reminds me of dressing up for “fashion shows” with my friends when we were 10. Fashion is fleeting, y’all! It doesn’t hurt to enjoy it, but it does hurt to live for it! So, be inspired… but don’t be obsessed. K? K. 🙂

Anyways, I wanted to share some fashion (hehe) inspiration when it comes to baby wearing. I love coordinating clothes by season, color, style, accessories, practicality, etc. And I consider wraps and slings to be accessories!

So, here is one of my favorites. I found this picture whilst perusing Pinterest, and the source was a Tumblr page. So, I have no idea who this girl is or where she bought all her cuteness, but I thought she was wearing this babe so, so well! One day I’ll be brave enough to wear a headscarf like she is. I just loooove that gypsy-hippy look.


Sidenote: it appears she is at the airport. This style wrap is perfect for going through security! No metal rings or buckles to set off the metal detectors, but she still has her hands free for her bags. My only suggestion would be to wear shoes that slip on and off, instead of buckle. But hey, sometimes the cute shoes are worth the trouble! 😉

Alright, here’s a different style of sling:


It’s my dream to one day have a Sakura Bloom Ring Sling. They’re so beautiful, practical, and expensive. Sad face. I loved this picture because it showed an older child sitting comfortably in his sling and the ease with which she is carrying him. Both Mama and Baby are bundled up for winter and are still enjoying the benefits of baby-wearing! Also, I want her glasses.

Speaking of bundling up for Winter, here is my last photo for today!


When I saw this creative Mama started following my blog, I just couldn’t help but return the compliment. She makes these great Baby Carrying Jacket inserts! What a brilliant idea! Last Winter when Rosebud was just a few weeks old and I wanted to wear her, I would always find the biggest jacket I had and stretch it over her while she was in the Moby. I basically just looked pregnant again, lol! And now my jacket is all stretched out. Wah. This is a much better idea. Check out her Etsy shop where she sells these and all sorts of fun creations.

Send me some shots of your favorite way to wear your babe at I’d love to feature you one Wednesday!

Happy baby-wearing!

Changes a’Comin!

We have some exciting news to share! We are moving to our first house! Wheeeee! 🙂

Since we got married we’ve lived in 2 different apartments. The first was a tiny little 1-bedroom place, barely big enough to turn around in. Also, the complex was called “Shady Place.” Yes, really. And yes it was, in fact, a bit shady. But! I was never scared of someone hiding in there because you could pretty much see the whole apartment from every room. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for us to feel a little claustrophobic in there and after a few months we moved to our current apartment: a great little 2-bedroom place in a small, better-named complex.

We’ve really enjoyed our time here. This is where we created our first nursery for our little Rosebud and where I labored for several hours the day she was born. We left the birth center and brought her home… here. I’ve rearranged the furniture in this place more times than I can count. I’ve loved making this place a home for us. But, as our Rosebud blooms and gets bigger, we need something a little more functional. Soon I will have a mobile baby and I don’t think my heart can handle the fear of her making her way to the stairs. (As if my eyes are ever not on her…)

So! We’ve signed a lease to rent a tiny little farmhouse outside of town. We’re sacrificing a bit of space inside for a great yard, the ability to do laundry at home, and a gorgeous view! And of course, the best part about it: no stairs. Nada. Also, it will shave about 15 minutes off of Kip’s drive to work. This is a sweet deal all around, people! 😉

I can’t wait to get my hands on this new, blank slate and make it ours. We’ve both always wanted to live in the country together, but we imagined it being years down the road. But now we’re so excited to simplify all our stuff and raise our baby where the green grass grows! ….and turns brown in the Texas summer! 😉

Any advice on moving with a baby? I’m a little nervous about how she’ll transition. Any thoughts are appreciated!

Pictures to come!


Babywearing Wednesday


Eeeek! Today I just wanted to share this little tidbit of important information on what type of carriers are best for baby. There is a lot of information floating around about hip dysplasia, but I’ve found this article to be most helpful when it comes to choosing a carrier. I think the picture does a pretty good job of explaining what to look for! 😉

Happy babywearing!

“Man in a Hurry” by Tom Nelson

This is a letter our pastor sent to everyone, and my husband and I found it particularly encouraging. I hope you enjoy it as well!

Man in a Hurry

Proverbs 27:23-27 (NASB)


23 Know well the condition of your flocks,

      And pay attention to your herds;

24 For riches are not forever,

      Nor does a crown endure to all generations.

25 When the grass disappears, the new growth is seen,

      And the herbs of the mountains are gathered in,

26 The lambs will be for your clothing,

      And the goats will bring the price of a field,

27 And there will be goats’ milk enough for your food,

      For the food of your household,

      And sustenance for your maidens.


Here is a fascinating word from the wealthiest man in the world, King Solomon, to a group of men who were hand to mouth on the bottom of the nation’s social register – shepherds.  Shepherds would no doubt have spent much of their day dreaming about the splendor of life in the king’s palace in Jerusalem.  When they took Sunday drives with their family they would have moseyed by the palace and wondered what the privileged were doing on their day off.


But Solomon gives a caution to them.  “Look well to your flocks.”  This simply means “don’t be discontent and envious in your job but do it diligently and excellently.”  His reason?  “Riches are not forever and splendor will not endure.”  It means, “Do not be misled by what I have because it won’t last.  It’s highly overrated.  It’s only temporary.”


But shepherds in the following verses have all they need: food, milk, covering, land, a home, wife and family.  Solomon exhorts them to contentment and to the delight of the simple life: the uncomplicated life.  The contented life, uncluttered and uncomplicated by the complexity that Solomon faced each day; the complexity and ambition that robbed him of the joy of life.  That which brought pain to his father, David, and death to his brothers, Amnon, Absolam, and Adonijah.  Solomon watched his father’s home and his own.  Though unimaginably wealthy Solomon never knew a happy, peaceful, and simple life.  It’s as if he is envious of his shepherds.  Who knows that he did not hear stories of the pastoral life from his father and long for a quiet life.  This passage is Citizen Kane’s “rosebud.”


I have heard that a study was once done on happiness – what group of people were the happiest.  The answer?  The Amish.  They had the final answers from their religion.  They had a strong family.  They were communal – meaning they had a strong community of friends and were never at the risk of being alone and were separated from much of the societal corruption.  But a main reason is that their life was simple, uncomplicated, debt free, and non-stressed.  Makes sense.  It’s why we love Thomas Kinkade’s art.  It is restful.  Peaceful.  Simple.  Safe.  Warm.  Protected.  Quiet.


Solomon said, “Enjoy the simple pleasures.”  David would say the same.  “I have not involved myself in matters too lofty for me.  I have composed and quieted my soul like a weaned child against his mother.” (Ps 131)


Like man in the garden, with a job to do, and a family (the start of one anyway) and food, and a God he walks with in the cool of the day.  Adam.  Man.


I like…


…the dark of the early morning with good coffee and the Bible before me on an unmarked page.


…to sit in the evening on our patio (i.e. a concrete slab from a pre-existing migrant house left over from a pre-existing chicken farm) surrounded by our garden with a cup of coffee, visiting in the cool with Teresa, along with our 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 3 chickens – sweet!


…sitting behind the first base dugout at a Ranger game with friends, eating a Nolan Ryan burger and watching the best play the greatest game.


…the quiet of evening and a really good book.


…Kind of Blue by Miles Davis


…grandkids, any or all, anyplace that will allow them to be yelled at.


…a clear conscience (without which all the rest are dulled).


…a Saturday morning with nothing scheduled. A garden waiting.


…rain…sitting on the porch.


…Law and Order on a Saturday morning with Jack McCoy, Lenny and Green.


…any gym.


…a used bookstore…browsing…discovering treasures.


…an antique store…majoring in the 50’s and 60’s…as I am an antique.


…sitting down to a brown bag with folks in the church I don’t know but am about to know and digging into the uniqueness that makes them, well, them!


…going west in a pickup with huntin’ buddies to sit under a mesquite tree on a cool September afternoon and wait for the doves to come over.


You know what I’ve observed?  Life is what you do on the way to your ambitions.  We dream and labor and build and maintain then get old and downsize and move back into the same square footage as our first house then retire and delight in sipping ice tea and scratchin’ the cat and then think “deja vu.”  “Oh yeah, I did this in college.  That sure was nice.”  Still is.


Ambition is o.k. So is attainment.  But enjoy the ride.  Smell the roses.  Remember that Revelation 22:1-5, the eternal state, is in the country and in the shade, a picnic with family.


American-ism demands that we succeed and success means money that requires attaining which means dreaming, planning, initiating, persevering, and succeeding. Thanks to gas we can travel – fast. Thanks to Thomas Edison we turn night into day.  A day life and night life.  A Sunday is a day free to plan more.  We are Americans. Individuals with a capital “I”.  In fact, early visitors from England recognized this of Americans – in a hurry, a place to go, dreams to realize, failure to avert.  But we wear down.  All careers just become jobs.  “Splendor will not endure.”


What do you look forward to each day?


Do you know what the Hebrew word is for “delight”?



                                    Carpe Diem.





On Father's Day

To the most selfless, hard-working, deep-loving, strongest, sweetest, gentlest, most wonderful man I could ever know,

to the man who stayed by my side through hours and hours of labor,

to the man who comes home from working all day and lays in the floor to play with a little baby girl,

to the man who forgives and forgets and then forgives again,

to the best daddy our sweet Rosebud could have,

Thank you for taking care of your little charge so faithfully. I am a better person because I know you, and Rosebud will be blessed because you are her father. (Pr 20:7)

Happy Father’s Day, sweetheart.