Monthly Archives: April 2015

We Moved!

as rosebud blooms blog
n typical Hannah-fashion, I decided to move along to another blog. I felt a little stale on this one, a little disenchanted, and a whole lot like a different person than I was when I started writing here. But, that’s my creative freedom, right? Right? Hello?

Real Small Life came from a part of my heart that is learning the vast value in the smallest moments, people, gifts, perspectives and attitudes. I have often been driven by my selfish desire to appear bigger, better, more than I am, which is dishonest and exhausting. Keeping the words, “real” and “small” at the forefront remind me who I really am, and hopefully truthfully portray the stories of our life.

I hope you’ll move over to Real Small Life with me, and continue to follow along and be friends. I sure would love that.

Love always,