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Our Story {And an Announcement!}

I’ve been asked a couple times about my and Kip’s “timeline” of how we met, started dating, got married, had a baby, etc. I posted the semi-short version here, and we also have something to add to our major milestones!

About this time two years ago, I met a guy at a sand volleyball game. I had recently come home from a 6 week stay in Romania, and also happened to be ending a year of “no dating” that I had felt convicted to take. My roommate at the time jokingly asked me, “So, now that your year is up, are you going to run out and snatch a guy?!” We laughed and I emphatically said, “No!” I was in no hurry, though something in me sensed that big changes were coming… I just didn’t know what changes those were.

I continued to run into this guy at a couple more sand volleyball games throughout the Summer, and once he tried to impress me by almost throwing me into a swimming pool and doing handstand push-ups. It worked.


I came home all giddy, but was so embarrassed at how excited I was about someone I hardly knew. This was very unlike me. Not long after that, my excitement grew (and was validated haha) because this guy ASKED ME ON A DATE! …right after he told me how he had an accident on his motorcycle that day. I think he was trying to impress me… again. Obviously it worked again because I agreed to go out with him. I only requested that we not take said motorcycle on this date. 🙂


This is how we celebrated the 1 year anniversary of our first date and 6 month wedding anniversary last year. Just a few months pregnant with Rosebud…. 🙂

Two years ago this weekend, I went on my last first date. It was the most special, thoughtful date I could have imagined. The Denton Square (my favorite place), Recycled bookstore, ice cream, and good, no-nonsense discussion about The Lord, ourselves, our views, our dreams.  We agreed to keep getting to know one another as friends for another month or so, and if we did decide to date we would do so for 6 months and then evaluate where the relationship was going. “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but the Lord determines his steps…”

Photo 936

Dating ❤

Photo 978

The night Kip proposed. 🙂

Well, we fell in love. Fast. A week later we were dating, a month later “I love you’s” were exchanged (and meant), and six months from our first date we were married. It was a whirlwind, and it was and still is wonderful. I have this man and know I can count on him for all my days.


We made a big decision shortly after we were married. We knew we wanted a family together, and we wanted to believe the Lord that we can trust Him and that “…like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth.”  (Proverbs 127:3-5) I wouldn’t say we were trying, but we were waiting, trusting, and resting. In May of 2012, we discovered we were pregnant with our little Rosebud. We were ecstatic, thankful, and eventually impatient. 🙂 We couldn’t wait for our little girl to be in our arms.


From motorcycle rides around the square to nursing babies in the car at weddings…

Now we have this wonderful seven-month-old girl, full of personality and smiles for everyone. She tries to crawl, chews on anything you give her, and has the funniest, sweetest laugh. We love her to pieces and can’t imagine our world without her. We may not be able to take many vacations, buy new furniture, or purchase our first home early in our marriage. But, we’ve found tremendous wealth in her love, and we’ve seen that truly, “children are a heritage from the Lord.” Funny… when you lose your life, you seem to find it.

Well, here we are a year and a half into our marriage, and we have a new milestone to add. I’ll just leave you with this picture of our little lovebug. She wanted to be the one to tell you. 🙂

Eeeeeee!! <3

Eeeeeee!! ❤



Birth of a Mother


“The most difficult part of birth is the first year afterwards. It is the year of travail – when the soul of a woman must birth the mother inside her.


The emotional labor pains of becoming a mother are far greater than the physical pangs of birth; these are the growing surges of your heart as it pushes out selfishness and fear and makes room for sacrifice and love.


It is a private and silent birth of the soul, but it is no less holy than the event of childbirth, perhaps it is even more sacred.” -Joy Kusek


This quote has come to mind a lot lately, as I’ve faced many nights of waking every hour with baby Rosebud as of late (hence  the sleeping pictures). It’s a tough season.

Holding fast,

The Cloth Diaper Diaries [#2]

Long time, no see! We’re in the middle of moving, so of course things are crazy. But! Here I am to follow up on my post from a couple weeks ago when we started using our new (to us) cloth diapers. I posted right after I put Rosebud to bed in a prefold (yes, like the old-school cloth prefold diapers!) and Thirsties waterproof cover, and fully anticipated a long night of wet diapers, PJ’s, and sheets.


But, much to our surprise…. success!! I couldn’t believe it! No leaks, no wet sheets, nada. She did wake up a couple times throughout the night, but that is normal. 😉

Since then, we’ve changed diapers a LOT. Like, every 1-3 hours. After much practice, we have finally figured out how to put the prefolds and covers on her comfortably. For the first several days I had a hard time keeping them from bunching up. Rose was obviously uncomfortable. Like I said, this is all trial and error!


When I purchased our first lot of dipes, I bought them from two different ladies who were de-stashing and selling their randoms on Craigslist. I was planning to only use prefolds and covers, but somehow I came home with some diapers I had never seen before. Thankfully, I came across THIS incredible post, that went over every different type of diaper you can try, and she wrote reviews on them all. I’m so glad someone has done this, because it was so helpful! After I watched her videos, I realized the diapers I had purchased but didn’t recognize were All-in-Two’s, or hybrid diapers (basically a soft cover with a snap-in insert).  So, I thought we could give those a go!


Turns out, they’re my favorite. Absolute favorite! It also turns out… they’re expensive. Go figure! Somehow I managed to score these babies for not-a-lot-a-dollas.


Since I posted our first night of CD-ing, we’ve also purchased some Sunbaby Pocket Diapers. I decided I wanted to give them a try, due to the aforementioned prefold-crotch-bunching. (I made that term up. You like it?) I honestly wasn’t sure about them (because I wasn’t sure about stuffing/unstuffing them when they were dirty), but they’ve turned out to be GREAT! My second fave, right under the AI2’s. Also, brand new Sunbaby’s are very affordable. We bought ours second hand, of course. 😉


So, bottom line (hehe), I’d say cloth diapering is going well so far! I’m still always on the lookout for good deals, hoping to steadily build a decent stash. It’s not as bad as I thought it might be- cleaning up poo, washing dirty diapers, touching soiled cloth. I actually really enjoy knowing that we’re saving money in the long run and we’re keeping as many chemicals off baby Rosebud as we can.

Any other cloth diapering Mamas out there have any advice? What’s your favorite brand/type of dipe? Let me know in the comments!

Love, H

The Cloth Diaper Diaries [#1]

Tonight, we accidentally started a new adventure: cloth diapers. 


I say accidentally, because I hadn’t intended to start using them quiiiite yet. Last week I purchased some prefolds, covers, a wet bag, and a couple of other types of cloth diapers from 2 different ladies I found on Craigslist, my love in life. I planned to start using them when we moved to our house, where I could wash and line dry them. However, after Rosebud’s bath tonight, I put her on the changing table, reached into the diaper stacker, and… alas, no more disposables.

So, we begin! I only put one prefold in a Medium “Bummis” Brand cover. I’m sure I’ll end up changing her tonight, and maybe her PJ’s and sheets. :/ Here’s to trial and error!

I’ll letcha know how it goes! Anyone use cloth and have any advice for a newbie? 🙂


Baby-wearing Wednesday {Fashion}

The word “fashion” makes me snicker. I’m not sure why. Maybe because it seems like such a serious word to some people, but it only ever reminds me of dressing up for “fashion shows” with my friends when we were 10. Fashion is fleeting, y’all! It doesn’t hurt to enjoy it, but it does hurt to live for it! So, be inspired… but don’t be obsessed. K? K. 🙂

Anyways, I wanted to share some fashion (hehe) inspiration when it comes to baby wearing. I love coordinating clothes by season, color, style, accessories, practicality, etc. And I consider wraps and slings to be accessories!

So, here is one of my favorites. I found this picture whilst perusing Pinterest, and the source was a Tumblr page. So, I have no idea who this girl is or where she bought all her cuteness, but I thought she was wearing this babe so, so well! One day I’ll be brave enough to wear a headscarf like she is. I just loooove that gypsy-hippy look.


Sidenote: it appears she is at the airport. This style wrap is perfect for going through security! No metal rings or buckles to set off the metal detectors, but she still has her hands free for her bags. My only suggestion would be to wear shoes that slip on and off, instead of buckle. But hey, sometimes the cute shoes are worth the trouble! 😉

Alright, here’s a different style of sling:


It’s my dream to one day have a Sakura Bloom Ring Sling. They’re so beautiful, practical, and expensive. Sad face. I loved this picture because it showed an older child sitting comfortably in his sling and the ease with which she is carrying him. Both Mama and Baby are bundled up for winter and are still enjoying the benefits of baby-wearing! Also, I want her glasses.

Speaking of bundling up for Winter, here is my last photo for today!


When I saw this creative Mama started following my blog, I just couldn’t help but return the compliment. She makes these great Baby Carrying Jacket inserts! What a brilliant idea! Last Winter when Rosebud was just a few weeks old and I wanted to wear her, I would always find the biggest jacket I had and stretch it over her while she was in the Moby. I basically just looked pregnant again, lol! And now my jacket is all stretched out. Wah. This is a much better idea. Check out her Etsy shop where she sells these and all sorts of fun creations.

Send me some shots of your favorite way to wear your babe at asrosebudblooms@gmail.com. I’d love to feature you one Wednesday!

Happy baby-wearing!

Babywearing Wednesday


Eeeek! Today I just wanted to share this little tidbit of important information on what type of carriers are best for baby. There is a lot of information floating around about hip dysplasia, but I’ve found this article to be most helpful when it comes to choosing a carrier. I think the picture does a pretty good job of explaining what to look for! 😉

Happy babywearing!

On Father's Day

To the most selfless, hard-working, deep-loving, strongest, sweetest, gentlest, most wonderful man I could ever know,

to the man who stayed by my side through hours and hours of labor,

to the man who comes home from working all day and lays in the floor to play with a little baby girl,

to the man who forgives and forgets and then forgives again,

to the best daddy our sweet Rosebud could have,

Thank you for taking care of your little charge so faithfully. I am a better person because I know you, and Rosebud will be blessed because you are her father. (Pr 20:7)

Happy Father’s Day, sweetheart.