I don’t know about you…

But I’m feelin’ 22!

Oh, Taylor Swift. I love to love you.

Things have been quiet here on the blog, but busy in our real-life lives. Wanna see what’s been going on?

First, our friends Breanne and Kendall came to stay with us for several days as part of their “Tour de Tejas” before they move to Brazil as missionaries. Yes, they are jungle people and we love them for it. Here they are all dressed up:


But anyone who knows them knows that this is the real Breanne and Kendall:



Their hearts have always been in missions, and now they are getting to take that love for people and move it to the Amazon. Breanne has been my closest friend since we met in college in 2010, and Kendall has become a brother to me. We are going to miss them both like crazy.


While they were visiting, we got to see another dear friend be married in Dallas! We got Rosebud all dressed up to attend her second wedding. She made it through almost the entire wedding without protesting, but she just couldn’t hold her peace for the whole thing!

4 months old!

A few days after we said goodbye to Breanne and Kendall, my 22nd birthday rolled around. My Mom came over that morning to hang out while Rosebud slept so hubs & I could slip out for a breakfast date before he had to go to work.


We ended up eating breakfast and then walking over to our favorite book store to buy some things for Rosebud. 🙂
After birthday lunch and coffee with my parents, we headed over to a friend’s new house for a swim!


Rosie was so cute in her little swimsuit. Sadly it rained like 5 minutes after we got in the pool. Texas weather, y’all.


The following weekend we drove up to Oklahoma for a family reunion!


 It was the first time for Rosebud to meet her great-grandmother, whom she is named after. Look how much they love each other!


We had so much fun at the lake, enjoying sunsets, swimming pools, and sweet family. We took Rosie for her first “real” swim (longer than a couple minutes) and she loved it. She laughed and splashed the whole time. We even got a little nap in she shade by the pool. Of course I’m a bad Mom and didn’t take any pictures. Wah. We were too busy having fun!



Also, check out my birthday present from the hubs! An Ergo Sport Carrier! Eeeek! (More on that later!)

All that to say, we’ve had a fun and busy two weeks. What have I missed in your world?

Love, H

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