Babywearing Wednesday!

Before Rosebud was born, I knew I wanted to try “wearing” her. I had seen several different kinds of wraps, slings, and carriers, but I didn’t know which was best. There are so many options!

The two I’ve fallen in love with so far are the Moby Wrap and the Ergobaby Carrier.

Wearing Rosebud has made day-to-day life so much easier. (Who doesn’t want that??) I’ve worn her to the grocery store, doing housework, at the lake, and even to a couple weddings! Every Wednesday, I want to share some baby-wearing inspiration with you! Whether it’s something I’ve learned from wearing Rose or something I’ve found that I thought was helpful/cute/practical/awesome, I’m going to share it with you!


I’ll start with this picture Kip took of Rose and I at the lake last weekend at our family reunion. He bought the Ergobaby Performance Carrier for me for my birthday, and it is perfect for summertime wearing. It is easy to get on and off by myself, and Rosebud loves riding in it. It is made with a lightweight, breathable material and has a vent on baby’s back to keep her cool. It has a hood for sun/wind protection, nursing privacy, and head support if baby falls asleep. We wore her all over the state park and even did a little swinging. 🙂

Do you wear your baby? What carrier(s) do you prefer?

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