Dear Rosebud,

IMG_2297This week you are 16 weeks old. You have taught me more in these last four months than any person has taught me in my entire life. Without you I would not know this depth of love, this height of awe, or this weight of responsibility.

Realizing your life depends on mine gives me goosebumps. I’ve never been a selfless person, but with you I have no choice- I can’t help but put you first. I’ve never been a truly loving person, but with you I can’t help it- I would give my life for yours with no hesitation. I’ve never been a morning person- but with you, I definitely have no choice. 😉 It is my joy to wake up to your smiles and babbles.


To think that you are my child. My little lamb. My charge.

To think that I am God’s child. His little lamb. His charge. To think that he loves me with this same immense love I have for you, and beyond even that? I can’t, almost don’t, believe it. But I have to.

You’ll never fully understand this love, but you’ll enjoy it and return it the best you know how. To me and to God. And a little while from now, if and when the Lord brings you a little life of your own, you’ll get this same glimpse of Heaven I’m getting right now.


But right now, you’re mine to love. Mine and your Daddy’s. Also, I have to tell you how cute your Daddy is. He loves you. He calls you “Baybeh” and likes to make you”fly” like an airplane. You love it and it gives me a heart attack. Daddy also lays in your play-gym with you and reads you stories from the Bible. You smile at him a lot.

This month you’ve had lots of adventures! A trip to Granny’s house (you just started teething and want to chew on everything), your first trip to the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival

IMG_2252(you screamed), your first time to reach for something, your first time to swing outside (which you seemed to like :)), your first time to grab your toes. We celebrated Daddy’s birthday and you even went to your first garage sale. 🙂 We’ve also had a couple “play-dates” with friends you’ve had since you were all in your Mommies’ tummies. About a week ago your Nana and Pa came back home from Romania, and to complete your fourth month of life, your Aunt Breesey and Uncle Kendall came to stay with us for a few days before they move to the Amazon to be missionaries. You have lots of missionary family, ya know.


You certainly are one loved little girl. We adore each precious minute we get with you.

Happy 4 month birthday, Rosebud.



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