9 Months Old

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Dear Rosebud,

Can you believe you are 9 months old?! I mean, I guess you don’t really know what that means yet, but Daddy and I can’t believe it. People told us the days would fly by, but we didn’t realize just how true that was until now. I am trying to take in every moment I have with you, and I know your Daddy is too.


You are crawling and pulling up like a pro. You are into everything...! Right now your favorite form of entertainment is finding any box, open drawer, or bag and pull everything out of it one by one. I don’t find this a very helpful task unless we are unpacking from a trip ;), but it sure is cute!


In the last month, you have…
-spent lots of time with your Nana and Pa,
-stopped accepting jars of baby food as an acceptable food source and started eating whatever Daddy and I are eating,
-dressed up as a sheep for a fun-run we did with our friends Kayla and Ava,
-played at the park for the first time,
-and visited your first pumpkin patch!


You also had your first major boo-boo when you rolled off the bed and busted your little lip. I was right there, but you are just so fast! We both cried, you nursed and napped on me for an hour and a half… I’m not sure if it was to make you or me feel better. Maybe both. Needless to say. you don’t get to play on the bed much anymore. 😉


I am so, so excited and thankful to share your first holiday season with you. We aren’t big Halloweeners (ha…haha…) around here, but Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner. It’s my favorite time of the year!


We love you, little girl. So much more than you can ever know.
Mama and Daddy

1 thought on “9 Months Old

  1. Sarah Northcutt

    Oh my goodness…such a sweet letter & I love the pics! You might want to turn it all into a little “one year” photobook because it really is that sweet! Love you guys!


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