Favorite Cold-Brew Coffee

Hi friends! I just jumped over to hubby’s computer to catch up on blog-friends’ lives since I’ve still not had time to try to fix my poor little computer, and I just thought I’d share a little something I’ve had sitting around for a rainy day. I know it’s Fall and we’re all loving our hot Pumpkin Spice Lattes, but Texas is a little confused about the weather so we still get a few warm days. 🙂 And to be honest, I prefer this recipe year round… So, here ya go!

I’m just going to cut to the chase here: this is some stinkin’ good coffee. Smoother, stronger, and less acidic than hot-brewed coffee, this is by far our favorite way to have our morning cup-a-joe. All it takes is a little night-time prep.

See? So easy! A few words of advice: this makes a strong cup of coffee! I recommend a coffee-to-milk ratio of 1:3. Add ice last. 🙂 Did I mention this is Trim Healthy Mama approved? Use cream or half & half for an S treat or Almond Milk for an E. 🙂

A few more ideas:
-When you’re combining the coffee and water, go ahead and add your sweetener. It will sweeten up your cup all night, leaving you with one less step in the morning!
-I also occasionally like to add a splash of vanilla and some cinnamon when I’m prepping the night before. It adds a nice little taste of Fall!
-Don’t like your coffee iced? Brew it cold to give yourself the benefits of the lower acidity and the smoother, stronger flavor, and heat it up on the stove in the morning! ❤

Let me know if you try it or have any other ways you like to brew your coffee!


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