The Cloth Diaper Diaries [#1]

Tonight, we accidentally started a new adventure: cloth diapers. 


I say accidentally, because I hadn’t intended to start using them quiiiite yet. Last week I purchased some prefolds, covers, a wet bag, and a couple of other types of cloth diapers from 2 different ladies I found on Craigslist, my love in life. I planned to start using them when we moved to our house, where I could wash and line dry them. However, after Rosebud’s bath tonight, I put her on the changing table, reached into the diaper stacker, and… alas, no more disposables.

So, we begin! I only put one prefold in a Medium “Bummis” Brand cover. I’m sure I’ll end up changing her tonight, and maybe her PJ’s and sheets. :/ Here’s to trial and error!

I’ll letcha know how it goes! Anyone use cloth and have any advice for a newbie? 🙂


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