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34 week bump



34 weeks.

My first pregnancy, I had a new bump picture almost every week. These have been few and far between… because, well, the times when I get dressed and look decent enough for a photo op are rare. 😉

In the last week or so, I have reached the “I am so done.” phase. I try so hard not to complain, but every once in a while it kind of builds up and overflows. :/ My husband is so sweet and encouraging, and lately has kept me laughing so much I have hardly had time to be too grumpy. 😉 For the first time my left hip is kind of constantly hurting, which makes me waddle and moan like an old woman. Or a whale. Yeah, whale sounds more like it. 😉 I think it is because this baby is so low! Rosie was always up in my ribs, but not this little boy. He’s getting ready to make his entrance!

Sidenote: Rosie has picked up on what makes Mama moan and grunt… So, now when I drop something on the floor or grab the hard-to-open jar of coconut oil, she usually beats me to the “urrghhhhh!” noises. 😉 It is hilarious and embarrassing. What am I teaching this girl?!

Last night, I drank coffee on our drive home from visiting in-laws in a desperate attempt to stay awake/sane. (Edit: haha, it sounds like I meant sane from visiting in-laws. I meant from the long drive with a sick, fussy babe 😉 For the record, I have wonderful in-laws!) I’ve not had coffee much recently, and especially not in the evening. The result was me up late cleaning our disastrous kitchen and thinking about the last 6ish weeks of pregnancy ahead. I determined, in my over-enthusiastic state, to do my best to make these last few weeks good. I am tempted to throw myself headlong into a pit of despair. Really, I am. But who wants to live with that person for over a month? Not me, and not my family.

Life is about to change in a big way. I am enjoying every family Walmart trip, every dinner, every night of (mostly) uninterrupted sleep, and every impromptu walk around Cabela’s while it’s just the three of us. Soon, we will be four and things will not be as easy or simple. But who ever wanted easy, anyway? 🙂 Our lives are about to grow, our love about to multiply, and our purpose deepen. Samuel, baby, Mama can’t wait to hold you. 

Looking forward,



Sister, Sister [13 week update]

I know I’m not the only one singing that song in my head when you read the post title… Come on, 90’s lovers!

Anyways, this post is not about Tia and Tamera. Though, that might be a fun post. Anyway, this is about my sister and I, who are pregnant at the same time and are due two weeks apart! Meeeep! Yeah. I know. So fun. We took our first tummy picture together this weekend when we went to visit- next one most likely to occur on Thanksgiving.

What’s more crazy about this scenario? The fact that we are 17 years apart in age, or the fact that this is her 9th baby and this is my 2nd?! Here, I am 13 weeks along and she is about 15 weeks.

After our sonogram I mentioned last week, my estimated due date is March 27th! However, considering Rosebud was born 2 weeks past her due date, let’s all just plan for an early April baby, kay? Kay. 🙂

I also want to say thank you to everyone for your encouraging comments- especially those with babes close together. I’m excited for Rosebud and #2 to be buddies and grow up together! Please keep your comments and emails coming. I enjoy reading them so much.


Our Story {And an Announcement!}

I’ve been asked a couple times about my and Kip’s “timeline” of how we met, started dating, got married, had a baby, etc. I posted the semi-short version here, and we also have something to add to our major milestones!

About this time two years ago, I met a guy at a sand volleyball game. I had recently come home from a 6 week stay in Romania, and also happened to be ending a year of “no dating” that I had felt convicted to take. My roommate at the time jokingly asked me, “So, now that your year is up, are you going to run out and snatch a guy?!” We laughed and I emphatically said, “No!” I was in no hurry, though something in me sensed that big changes were coming… I just didn’t know what changes those were.

I continued to run into this guy at a couple more sand volleyball games throughout the Summer, and once he tried to impress me by almost throwing me into a swimming pool and doing handstand push-ups. It worked.


I came home all giddy, but was so embarrassed at how excited I was about someone I hardly knew. This was very unlike me. Not long after that, my excitement grew (and was validated haha) because this guy ASKED ME ON A DATE! …right after he told me how he had an accident on his motorcycle that day. I think he was trying to impress me… again. Obviously it worked again because I agreed to go out with him. I only requested that we not take said motorcycle on this date. 🙂


This is how we celebrated the 1 year anniversary of our first date and 6 month wedding anniversary last year. Just a few months pregnant with Rosebud…. 🙂

Two years ago this weekend, I went on my last first date. It was the most special, thoughtful date I could have imagined. The Denton Square (my favorite place), Recycled bookstore, ice cream, and good, no-nonsense discussion about The Lord, ourselves, our views, our dreams.  We agreed to keep getting to know one another as friends for another month or so, and if we did decide to date we would do so for 6 months and then evaluate where the relationship was going. “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but the Lord determines his steps…”

Photo 936

Dating ❤

Photo 978

The night Kip proposed. 🙂

Well, we fell in love. Fast. A week later we were dating, a month later “I love you’s” were exchanged (and meant), and six months from our first date we were married. It was a whirlwind, and it was and still is wonderful. I have this man and know I can count on him for all my days.


We made a big decision shortly after we were married. We knew we wanted a family together, and we wanted to believe the Lord that we can trust Him and that “…like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth.”  (Proverbs 127:3-5) I wouldn’t say we were trying, but we were waiting, trusting, and resting. In May of 2012, we discovered we were pregnant with our little Rosebud. We were ecstatic, thankful, and eventually impatient. 🙂 We couldn’t wait for our little girl to be in our arms.


From motorcycle rides around the square to nursing babies in the car at weddings…

Now we have this wonderful seven-month-old girl, full of personality and smiles for everyone. She tries to crawl, chews on anything you give her, and has the funniest, sweetest laugh. We love her to pieces and can’t imagine our world without her. We may not be able to take many vacations, buy new furniture, or purchase our first home early in our marriage. But, we’ve found tremendous wealth in her love, and we’ve seen that truly, “children are a heritage from the Lord.” Funny… when you lose your life, you seem to find it.

Well, here we are a year and a half into our marriage, and we have a new milestone to add. I’ll just leave you with this picture of our little lovebug. She wanted to be the one to tell you. 🙂

Eeeeeee!! <3

Eeeeeee!! ❤


Pregnancy in Hindsight


My sister entertaining me during early labor. 😉

Pregnancy is such a good season of life. It grows a woman in more ways than the size of her belly. When I first saw those little pink lines on a pregnancy test, I had no idea what to do next. What books should I read? What clothes do I wear when I start to show? Can I drink this Dr Pepper? Well, thankfully I have a great resource in my sister, Bambi (who blogs over at In the Nursery of the Nation), and she handed over some great books and thoughtful advice.

In hindsight, there are a couple things I’m glad I read and continually referred back to. There are also a few things I wish I had done while our bun was in the oven.

Here are the resources I found most helpful:

  1. “The Naturally Healthy Pregnancy” by Shonda Parker. This was my go-to book for info on diet, vitamins, herbs, etc.
  2. This Post on “What to Wear during Pregnancy”
    “Walking With Dancers” is one of my favorite blogs. She is honest, encouraging, and a captivating writer. I first
    discovered her blog when I re-pinned a pin to this article on Pinterest. Pin pin pin. Pin. (Is that enough “pins?”)
    She  gives some great ideas of what is best to wear for each trimester.
  3. I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll say it again! If you are pregnant, watch The Business of Being Born.
  4. Maybe the most helpful tool I found was other Moms. The more recent the Mama, the better. 😉 Some people drove me crazy telling me their experiences (mostly how late their babies were… an overdue Mother does not appreciate your heartfelt story of your 2-months-late-delivery), but many were very helpful and encouraging when it came to random little questions or concerns I had. Find a community of Mamas and make some friends!
One of the last pictures of be at my biggest. Eek!

One of the last pictures of be at my biggest. Eek!

And here are a few things I will do next time around, Lord willing:

  1. I will stay active. I will walk with the stroller, continue Pilates, and/or find a prenatal yoga class. I will build strength and stamina for labor, which was exhausting!
  2. I will eat more. Yes, I said more! Towards the end of pregnancy I wasn’t eating very well. I honestly just wasn’t always hungry, but I think it’s because I wasn’t active. I will follow a more consistent diet.
  3. Towards the end of pregnancy and during labor, I will walk more. Especially during labor, next time around I want to try to walk more through contractions. I think my birth with Rosebud could have moved a lot faster if I had been up and about, using gravity to help bring her down.
  4. Lastly, I will buy more nursing bras. End of story.

What were some resources you found helpful for pregnancy or birth? Let me know in the comments! (Ya know, for next time around! ;))

1 Year Ago.

My hands grip the sides of the bathroom counter. My eyes lock on the face in the mirror. “Mama?”
May 4th, 2012. My handsome husband and I are celebrating his 22nd birthday with friends, eating dinner and seeing The Avengers premier. Kip’s Mama and siblings came into town to surprise him and join us for the festivities. It was a blast, Kip was surprised, and “The Avengers” movie was awesome. Mission accomplished. On the way home from all the excitement, it was a pretty sleepy ride for both of us. Words came out of my mouth before they made it to my brain. “Kip, what would you do if we found out we were pregnant?” It was just a question, and I was curious. He told me how happy he would be, and that a child (even this early in marriage) would be a blessing. I echoed his thoughts, and the subject of conversation changed. By the time we got home, I had such a crazy headache I passed out without telling Kip one last “Happy Birthday.”
The next morning I woke up when Kip was already gone to work. Something in me clicked; something felt different. I got out of bed and went straight for the pregnancy test I’d had in the cabinet for a while (out of paranoia). I did was what was required of me, set the test on the bathroom counter, and went about my business, brushing my teeth and doing my normal morning routine. I put one contact in my eye, blinked, and looked at the test. I could see the first line clearly, and there appeared to be a faint… second… naahhh. I put in my other contact and focused for a few seconds. There, on that little funny-looking stick, were two pink lines. Positive. Pregnant. Baby in belly. I didn’t scream, or jump up and down, or cry… I just stood there and looked at it. I gripped the counter and looked at myself in the mirror and thought, “Mama. Me?!”
I drove straight out to Sanger, where Kip was working at the time, and he could tell something was going on. I sat down next to him, and pulled out the pregnancy test I had brought in a plastic baggie. (Is that creepy?! Kip makes fun of me for that. I mean, it was in a completely secure little bag. No pee on anything except what ought to be peed on. I think that’s totally okay.) His hazel-green eyes lit up, and the most beautiful, genuine smile crossed his face. He had anticipated his reaction correctly: he was (and still is) happy and this is a blessing.
1 year ago today, we found out our Rosebud existed. Now we have this beautiful, wonderful, almost-14-week-old little girl. We celebrated Kip’s birthday by staying home with a fussy baby, finally laying her down for a nap and taking one with her. 😉 As I sit and type, I hear Kip playing peek-a-boo and blowing raspberries on Rosebud’s tummy. 🙂 What a difference a year can make in circumstances and in people’s hearts. I know we have been forever changed by this little life, and I’m very thankful that I am, in fact, a Mama. 🙂