Dear Rosebud,

Where has the last month gone? Or the last eight?! You have been in this world a whole eight months. Can you believe it? This September has flown by for all of us- you’ve been a busy girl!

You started crawling one day (trying to reach a Chicken Express box… ;)), popped your first tooth the next, popped your second tooth a couple days later and started pulling up on things- all within a couple weeks! Mama and Daddy weren’t quite ready for all that. 😉 It didn’t take you long to realize you can now go, go, go anywhere you want.

You want to stand up all the time now. You’ll pull up on anything you can get your hands on. Mama has to pull you away from the toilet every now and then… Sigh.

You’ve gotten to spend time with lots of cousins this month, as well as little friends! This is your friend Brayden who is three months old. 🙂 I think you overwhelmed him by your excitement to see him… as evidenced by your happy screaming and chewing on his toes. :/

We love you so, so much- and it only grows more with each passing day. I’ve never laughed so much out of sheer happiness. We are so thankful for every minute we spend with you. You are a gift to us! Happy 8-month birthday, Rosebud.


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