New Project: Rosebud’s Blooms [Discount alert!]

I’ve always had a very particular taste in clothes, accessories, etc, and my daughter has not escaped my style. 🙂 Rosebud’s “take-home” outfit from the birth center was nothing pink- at all. She wore a grey, ruffled dress with crochet detail, black leggings, a red coat and socks with red bows. Only after we had gotten her dressed did I realize this was not a typical baby-girl-going-home outfit. It was very much my style, and (I thought) she looked adorable! 😉

All that to say, a few weeks ago I decided I really wanted some new headbands for little Rosebud. Inspired by the coming seasons (Fall and Winter are my FAVORITE!), I searched in stores for what I had in mind, but couldn’t find anything close to what I wanted. So, I decided to take it upon myself to create exactly what I wanted- simple, feminine, seasonal, and unique. Once I got started, I. couldn’t .stop. I have had so much fun creating these little guys, playing with different color combinations and fabrics, and matching them up with outfits in Rosebud’s closet.

All my fun led to an idea- I could share these with y’all! So, I am excited to announce that I have opened an Etsy shop called “Rosebud’s Blooms.” (Creative, I know. ;)) I’ve listed a few Fall and Winter inspired pieces, with more to be added soon. [I’m going to be really honest here and say that I’m SUPER nervous about this! I always get embarrassed to show anything I make to the general public. Wah! Oh well, here goes nothing. :)]

To kick-start the shop, I am giving my blogosphere friends a 30% discount until Friday! Use the code ROSEBUDS30 on any headband or clip and get the discounted price. 🙂

Check back for new headbands, giveaways, and more discounts! Let me know what you think- but be nice. 😉 Don’t hurt my fragile little soul! (Just kidding. Sort of.)


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