Happy 7 Months, Rose.

Seven months ago, we were spending our first precious day with you. You are a sweet little soul that has brought so much joy and laughter to our family.

Over the last month or so you have been trying to crawl, and you even pulled up in your crib on your knees. That was Daddy’s cue to lower your mattress. 😉 I think you could crawl perfectly this second if you wanted to, but you prefer to go a short way, lie down, and reeeaaach for whatever it is you are trying to get to. It makes me laugh so much.

We took you on a trip to San Antonio to see your Uncle Aaron graduate from U.S. Air Force basic training. You had a fun trip and got to tell your Granny the exciting news- that you’re going to be a big sister! We also took you on the Riverwalk one evening. You did so great as a little traveler!

You are eating solid foods regularly now (pureed, of course!), and you’ve learned to take a bottle. You have rejected a bottle since you were about a month old, but all of the sudden you decided you like it and you take one before you go down for naps and bed time. 🙂

looking up at Daddy 🙂

This last month was a tough one, but God has been good to all of us, Rosebud. He’s taught me how to be more patient and trust Him. He’s taught you how to sleep and take a bottle. 🙂 And he’s taught Daddy how to take care of our house full of girls! 🙂

You really have the sweetest countenance. You love to play with Mama and Daddy. When we duck under your high chair tray, you lean back and look under it for us and laugh. When Mama hides behind Daddy to jump out and play “Peek-a-boo,” you grab Daddy’s shoulder and try to look around him and see where Mama went! We love watching you learn new things. At least once a day one of us will stop whatever we are doing or saying just to say, “Man, I love that little girl.”

We truly love you with a deep, fierce, sincere love that we can feel from the tips of our toes to the tops of our heads. You’re our little girl, forever and always.

Happy 7 month birthday, Rosebud. ❤
Mama + Daddy

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