It’s Happening…

I’m trying to fight it. Really, I am.
It’s still in the 90’s here in Texas and Rosebud still has cute Summer clothes to wear.
I still run the A/C all day long.

It’s still August!

But… I don’t know if I can fight the temptation anymore- the temptation to pull out all our fun Fall clothes (holler for being pregnant this year the same time I was last year!), candles, recipes, and decorations. I want pumpkin spice, chilly breezes that make me want to cuddle, boots, sweaters, and scarves! EEEEEP!

Not my baby, just a gorgeous photo! 😉

It happens every year. Toward the middle/end of August, I throw all the Summer clothes in a box and put all the Fall clothes on hangers in the closet. I admire all the things I haven’t seen in many months and pretend I can wear them soon. The problem is, it’s still stinkin’ HOT and we just end up milling through the Summer box to find our shorts and flip flops. Heck, I bought shorts on clearance the other day because people are pretending it’s Autumn, but there are still plenty of days of heat left.

I’m really, really trying to hold off this year. Really.

Autumn is my favorite time of year. Am I alone here?


[All of the above photos were found on Pinterest. 😉 They do not belong to me!]

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