Baby-wearing Wednesday {Fashion}

The word “fashion” makes me snicker. I’m not sure why. Maybe because it seems like such a serious word to some people, but it only ever reminds me of dressing up for “fashion shows” with my friends when we were 10. Fashion is fleeting, y’all! It doesn’t hurt to enjoy it, but it does hurt to live for it! So, be inspired… but don’t be obsessed. K? K. 🙂

Anyways, I wanted to share some fashion (hehe) inspiration when it comes to baby wearing. I love coordinating clothes by season, color, style, accessories, practicality, etc. And I consider wraps and slings to be accessories!

So, here is one of my favorites. I found this picture whilst perusing Pinterest, and the source was a Tumblr page. So, I have no idea who this girl is or where she bought all her cuteness, but I thought she was wearing this babe so, so well! One day I’ll be brave enough to wear a headscarf like she is. I just loooove that gypsy-hippy look.


Sidenote: it appears she is at the airport. This style wrap is perfect for going through security! No metal rings or buckles to set off the metal detectors, but she still has her hands free for her bags. My only suggestion would be to wear shoes that slip on and off, instead of buckle. But hey, sometimes the cute shoes are worth the trouble! 😉

Alright, here’s a different style of sling:


It’s my dream to one day have a Sakura Bloom Ring Sling. They’re so beautiful, practical, and expensive. Sad face. I loved this picture because it showed an older child sitting comfortably in his sling and the ease with which she is carrying him. Both Mama and Baby are bundled up for winter and are still enjoying the benefits of baby-wearing! Also, I want her glasses.

Speaking of bundling up for Winter, here is my last photo for today!


When I saw this creative Mama started following my blog, I just couldn’t help but return the compliment. She makes these great Baby Carrying Jacket inserts! What a brilliant idea! Last Winter when Rosebud was just a few weeks old and I wanted to wear her, I would always find the biggest jacket I had and stretch it over her while she was in the Moby. I basically just looked pregnant again, lol! And now my jacket is all stretched out. Wah. This is a much better idea. Check out her Etsy shop where she sells these and all sorts of fun creations.

Send me some shots of your favorite way to wear your babe at I’d love to feature you one Wednesday!

Happy baby-wearing!

1 thought on “Baby-wearing Wednesday {Fashion}

  1. bzfingers

    Thanks, Hannah! Happy you like the insert. Actually this is my friend Sonya on the picture with her little baby. I just came from short time babysitting her sweet girl and found your post 🙂 My kids are high school/college students, but thanks God I have a lot of young friends with babies. Love reading your blog. Keep posting ❤


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