Dear Rosebud,

Today you are 19 weeks old.


The past two weeks you have been all about your toes. You have “found your end” and you seem to really enjoy it! A couple of days ago you managed to get your toes all the way up to your mouth. You are impressively flexible!


 Yesterday Daddy and I laid on the floor with you and cheered you on while you worked so hard trying to roll from your back to your tummy. You’ve aaalllmmmost got it! You’d get rolled onto your side and then you were stuck. You have the cutest little determined/frustrated face.

You’re also starting to suck your thumb a bit. I think I’m okay with that, considering you won’t take a pacifier! You chew on your fingers a lot while we read books, play with toys, sit at the table… Pretty much all the time!


You are the most precious little heart. I love every minute with you. I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!


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