Pregnancy in Hindsight


My sister entertaining me during early labor. 😉

Pregnancy is such a good season of life. It grows a woman in more ways than the size of her belly. When I first saw those little pink lines on a pregnancy test, I had no idea what to do next. What books should I read? What clothes do I wear when I start to show? Can I drink this Dr Pepper? Well, thankfully I have a great resource in my sister, Bambi (who blogs over at In the Nursery of the Nation), and she handed over some great books and thoughtful advice.

In hindsight, there are a couple things I’m glad I read and continually referred back to. There are also a few things I wish I had done while our bun was in the oven.

Here are the resources I found most helpful:

  1. “The Naturally Healthy Pregnancy” by Shonda Parker. This was my go-to book for info on diet, vitamins, herbs, etc.
  2. This Post on “What to Wear during Pregnancy”
    “Walking With Dancers” is one of my favorite blogs. She is honest, encouraging, and a captivating writer. I first
    discovered her blog when I re-pinned a pin to this article on Pinterest. Pin pin pin. Pin. (Is that enough “pins?”)
    She  gives some great ideas of what is best to wear for each trimester.
  3. I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll say it again! If you are pregnant, watch The Business of Being Born.
  4. Maybe the most helpful tool I found was other Moms. The more recent the Mama, the better. 😉 Some people drove me crazy telling me their experiences (mostly how late their babies were… an overdue Mother does not appreciate your heartfelt story of your 2-months-late-delivery), but many were very helpful and encouraging when it came to random little questions or concerns I had. Find a community of Mamas and make some friends!
One of the last pictures of be at my biggest. Eek!

One of the last pictures of be at my biggest. Eek!

And here are a few things I will do next time around, Lord willing:

  1. I will stay active. I will walk with the stroller, continue Pilates, and/or find a prenatal yoga class. I will build strength and stamina for labor, which was exhausting!
  2. I will eat more. Yes, I said more! Towards the end of pregnancy I wasn’t eating very well. I honestly just wasn’t always hungry, but I think it’s because I wasn’t active. I will follow a more consistent diet.
  3. Towards the end of pregnancy and during labor, I will walk more. Especially during labor, next time around I want to try to walk more through contractions. I think my birth with Rosebud could have moved a lot faster if I had been up and about, using gravity to help bring her down.
  4. Lastly, I will buy more nursing bras. End of story.

What were some resources you found helpful for pregnancy or birth? Let me know in the comments! (Ya know, for next time around! ;))

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy in Hindsight

  1. Mandy Cave

    This is such a sweet read Hannah. Your posts make my eyes get a little watery. I’ll have to remember to come back to this someday 🙂 Loved your 4month birthday post so soooo much. Rosie will love to read that one day. I found my momma’s journal she kept when I was in her belly and I loved reading what she wrote. It was so special. Made me feel closer with her.


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